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Do U.S. Consumers Get It?

Posted by Bill Sluben on August 5, 2009

Do U.S. Consumers get it?  Get it that the quality of U.S. manufactured brands is nearly at or is at par with the Europeans, Japanese and Koreans.  Get it that by trading in their U.S. manufactured “clunker” and replacing it with a new foreign manufactured vehicle, they are essentially asking us (the taxpayers) to subsidize our foreign competitors. 

Consider this: of the top 10 vehicle that have been turned in since the clunker program began, all 10 are U.S. badged.  Only 4 of the top 10 vehicles that were then purchased using clunker cash are U.S. badged.  So you loved us then but you don’t anymore???

Yes there is this thing called brand perception where U.S. brands are stuck in neutral in the minds of the U.S. consumer.  Another contributing factor undoubtedly was that the vehicles being turned in were originally purchased with very aggressive discounts, 0% financing and the like…and now consumers are purchasing more with their head rather than their wallet, when price is on fairly comparable terms.


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