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Chevrolets in the U.S.A.

Posted by Bill Sluben on September 8, 2009

Could we all be turning more patriotic when it comes time to get a new car?

In a recent Consumer Reports survey of almost 1,800 adults, 81% of those in the market for a new car said they were likely to consider a domestic brand. That compares to just 47% looking at Asian brands and 46% in the market for European models.

“Ford has benefited the most from the recent turmoil in the auto market, with the largest gain in new-car buyers who say that they are likely to consider buying a Ford model — up 17 percentage points compared with a year ago,” Consumer Reports said in a statement on Wednesday.

Consumer Reports credited Ford’s aversion to accepting any federal aid with its appeal to consumers.

The number of those considering buying a GM model was up 6 percentage points.  Chrysler conversely was down 25-28% attributed to their court ordered bankruptcy and recent marriage with Fiat.

Troubling for the entire auto industry is the survey finding that showed only 9% of respondents expressed interest in buying any new car in the next year, down from 19% in a June 2008 survey. That’s hardly a surprise considering the big spike in sales the government’s clunker promotion had in August.


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