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General Motors offering 60 day trial – smart, very smart

Posted by Bill Sluben on September 11, 2009

60 days to drive around a new GM.  If you don’t like it…just return it.  Smart campaign from GM.  They needed (need) to get consumers in a different mindset when it comes to their knee jerk perception and consideration for the GM brands.

By knee jerk, I posit that many consumers who reject GM do so on anecdotal evidence that “GM is poorly built…or lacks design…or are a bunch of gas guzzlers, etc…”

This is a true opportunity for GM to hit the restart button with consumers.  New company (albeit one that passed through a re-org), new culture, new leadership at the top, new product strategy…and new product.  Get out and personally introduce consumers to the new GM, whether it be through a 60 day “extended test drive”, or through highly effective measures like street team marketing, where consumers can discover GM on their own terms at work, home or play…and not only at the retailer.

What a story GM has to tell now.  This is a golden opportunity to break the cycle that seems to be handed down from the previous generation:  that GM is not worthy of my choice for a new vehicle.


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