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Not so fast on that Saturn sale afterall

Posted by Bill Sluben on October 1, 2009

Wow! Huge what the heck happened to our deal? What seemed like a done deal…right down to the carefully coordinated resignation of key Saturn leaders from GM in the past two days to dealers reportedly signing contracts with Penske for marketing and distribution…to today with an empty void as the deal fell apart.

Pretty amazing to think that some 13,000 Saturn employees just got handed an early trick when they were looking for their October treat.  Leaves me with a hollow feeling as I (and my company LiveLink Events) have worked closely with the brand in an effort to create awareness, positive opinion, stimulate purchase consideration and register trial for Saturn.

Saturn product in the past few years has really turned the corner.   With the SKY, Saturn rolled out a low cost, yet sleek and sexy roadster.  With the AURA, they claimed North American Car of the Year.  With the OUTLOOK, they offered luxury and utility.  

Sure there were a few missteps along the way, but the brand and it’s 19 years existence deserves another chance at redemption.  The distribution network in the U.S. alone is worth it’s weight in gold.

Here are the sales figures, courtesy of Automotive News, since the inception of Saturn:


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