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Vehicle Purchase & iPhone Apps

Posted by Bill Sluben on December 22, 2009

As a fairly heavy i-Phone user and an aficionado of cars and trucks, I was disappointed to discover that there’s a dearth of i-Phone apps out there for those who are considering a new vehicle purchase and are looking to access information including pricing, performance, and local incentives.

One app that did fit the bill is the new Cartopia from Nationwide Insurance. Looks to me tha they are still populating the data and thus do not have all the fields completed and ready…but nevertheless, it serves as a valuable repository for car buyers to access and compare various makes/models.  It offered a nearly comprehensive comparison of three comparable models:  The Honda Accord, the Toyota Camry and the Chevy Malibu. 

From the site:

Cartopia capabilities
•Free vehicle history scores for up to 6 used vehicles each month
•Unbiased third party pricing information to help you get a fair deal such as the invoice price, trade-in value and retail cost
•Safety information from Insurance Institute of Highway Safety
•Vehicle specifications including length, weight and seating
•Ability to rank and compare vehicles based on the details most important to you
•Tools to estimate monthly payments and the total cost of ownership – the cost to purchase and operate a vehicle over 5 years including depreciation, financing, insurance, fuel, maintenance, hybrid tax credit and gas guzzler credit
•Ability to take (or use existing) photos of cars you are considering, organize them in thumbnails
•Nationwide Insurance agent locator – search by current location, zip code or name
•One-touch dialing to Nationwide Bank for a car loan
•One-touch dialing OR request a Nationwide Insurance® agent to call you to discuss how you could save up to $43 every month on your car insurance1


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