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Put those Government Stimulus $’s to work at Daytona

Posted by Bill Sluben on February 15, 2010

Not I-90 in Detroit in the winter… Not the teeth jarring Cross Bronx Expressway in NYC…Not off-roading in the woods.  Nope this was the Daytona 500.  And these were potholes the size of manhole covers.  Un-believe-able!  Of all the sacred places where you’d think the track would be smooth and well-maintained.  Daytona is the grand-daddy of the Sprint Cup circuit. 

Daytona and the pothole pitted track.  It’s akin to the Super Bowl being played on the dirt/grass field that the 49’ers used to play on.  Or the NBA Finals being held on some street court with no nets on the baskets.  Sad…and shameful that America’s race was postponed for over an hour (closer to 2) so that they could repair potholes. 

Can we get some federal stimulus $’s down there to put a paving crew or two to work down there?  Yikes.  Martin Fennelly of the Tampa Tribune writes that it has been 32 years since the track was last paved.


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