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The Gulf, empty beaches, tourism and free concerts

Posted by Bill Sluben on July 12, 2010

Watched parts of the free concert last night hosted by Jimmy Buffett.  Great concept but really think they missed the boat (so to speak) with this.  They could have easily charged $40 for the concert and still lured the 30,000-50,000 concertgoers in…regardless of their local residency or not (a discount for local residents producing local ID could have been worked out).

The theory behind the events are that free shows would help lure visitors to the beach where Buffett played and generate business for hotels, condominiums, restaurants and stores.  But without more lead time for vacation planning, not many people who reside out of the immediate area are able to attend, since they are locked in with vacation plans already…which don’t include the gulf region.

Plan these events for labor day and allow fans the opportunity to book travel and attend.  I know the idea is to immediately infuse cash into the local economy (as many of the local businesses and merchants are getting crushed this summer)…but you have to allow the outsiders/vacationers to plan a trip down there.  Don’t leave revenue in the form of ticket sales on the table.

A $15 million tourism grant from BP could be used to stage the shows. About $3.5 million in tourism promotion money from BP paid for the Buffett concert. The performers donated their time.


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