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College students = wired and social

Posted by Bill Sluben on July 15, 2010

So we already know that this generation of college students is the most wired and connected on-line.  The stats bear this out.  But trying to gauge where they will trend next in terms of social platforms is fraught with errors and guesswork. 

For instance, the emergence of Facebook back 6 years ago exploded in popularity at college campuses all around the U.S. achieving at one point in 2005 at 90% penetration rate among 18-24 y.o. who were on-line. 

Now facebook usage has declined and smaller, niche (and lesser known) social platforms have replaced facebook among this key target.  And 18-24 aren’t twittering either – only 24% of 18-24 y.o. are active in the past 30 days on twitter.

Almost half (49%) of mobile communication carried out on college campuses is conducted via smart phones.  Mobile phones are used by just about every student (99.8%) and text messaging has overtaken email and instant messaging. While 97% of students send and receive text messages, just 30% use email and 25% instant messaging.


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