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Is FourSquare/Twitter a safety concern?

Posted by Bill Sluben on August 3, 2010

Think about it…You’re telling the world that you’ve just checked in at a Starbucks located exactly 2000 miles from your home, and your wife and kids are at home by themselves.  You’ve just tweeted from the marketing conference in Chicago…and your family is back in Seattle.

Are we telling complete strangers too much information on social networks?  Sure, colleagues and friends, clients and prospective clients are reading (we’d like to think at least), but so are complete and utter strangers.  And how many of those strangers are following your posts because they are in the industry and interested in what you have to say…and how many are following for sinister reasons. 

Telling complete strangers on the street corner or on a bus that your wife is alone while you are out at a conference seems dangerous and irresponsible.  So why are we all so cavalier at telling complete strangers our every move, movement and whim?  Why are we so willing to put photos of our families onto sites where complete strangers are viewing…photos of our kids even.

Is this paranoia?


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