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If only our government ran our government like a business

Posted by Bill Sluben on September 6, 2010

Unemployment checked in at a distressing 9.6% this past week. Not exactly the kind of news that makes for a happy recent labor day. With so many out of work and have exited the workforce altogether, what’s a nation to do?

Stimulate small business, ease credit restrictions and offer tax breaks to encourage them to add workers, up production and boldly step forward (because they are all floundering or at best sitting on the sidelines). Our current administrations fix in washington is to offer marginal tax credits to small businesses that hire employees. The engine and economic generation is only realized when an across-the-board tax reduction is enacted…not piecemeal tax credits that don’t amount to much.

Lead by example and be fiscally responsible. If we as business owners borrowed as heavily as the federal government, we’d be out of business and in bankruptcy. It is unsustainable. It is a cost that is ultimately borne by business owners in the form of higher taxes or increased premiums for mandatory healthcare. These costs have to be absorbed somewhere…and that’s either passed along to consumers (who demonstrate an unwillingness to pay, or by reducing staff). In either case, growth is truncated.


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