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Breaking down the Uber Wealthy purchasing power

Posted by Bill Sluben on October 15, 2010

So Bill Gates is worth an estimated $54 billion.  That’s 54 followed by 000,000,000.  That’s BILLION with a huge capital B.

But what does that matter to us mere mortals.  How can we even equate that ridiculous wealth with our real world.

Well, consider the things that Bill Gates can buy with his wealth:

– Buy everyone in metro Nashville a new Chevy Volt and charge everyone of them for a full year

– Buy 149,000 houses just like mine (talk about knowing your neighbor!)

– Have A-Rod wear the pinstripes for 2,160 years

– Pay for fully one third of the cost at ending World Hunger.  Forever.

– Buy 13.5 billion Happy Meals…enough for everyone on this earth to eat for 2 days

– Buy 90 million laptop computers – enough for nearly every elementary, middle school and high school kid in America

– Could pay off 1/52nd of the current US debt (that is alot of zeros!)


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