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It’s past the graceful exit time…it’s just time for Brett to go

Posted by Bill Sluben on January 7, 2011

Favre had his time in the sun.  Now, his legacy is tarred, his stay is way overextended and it is time for him to slink into the sunset.

Allegations (that have been largely ignored from the NFL) paint a damning portrait of a superstar jock who thought he was above the law.  He isn’t.  In the court of public opinion, he has been found guilty of all charges.  In the court of NFL folly, he was free to finish out his illustrious career and was hit with a whopping $50,000 (about 1/300th of his annual salary) as a stiff penalty…pardon the pun.

We are a forgiving society.  If Brett stepped forward and admitted the texts, admitted the inappropriate sexting then we’d lambaste for awhile…and then the story fades away.  But too often these pro athletes believe they are above the law and they deny the story, hoping it will just go away.  It never does.


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