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In the Land of Social Media, Do Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers Really Matter?

Posted by Bill Sluben on January 14, 2011

What Do All the Social Media Numbers Really Mean?

This data can be diced and sliced in a variety of ways, but we can infer alot just from the basic data.

  1. First and foremost, the number of Facebook likes and Twitter followers does not equal success.
  2. Real social media success is more about engagement and less about the popularity contest.
  3. If you don’t provide content in your social media efforts, you’re going to struggle providing value.  If someone visits a Facebook page that looks exactly like it did five months ago, the chances are they won’t come back and they won’t look further at you or your brand.
  4. Look beyond the numbers within your actual social media account. Look at tangible conversions to new leads, new clients, and repeat customer purchases or interactions.
  5. Before you engage in a social media campaign or with an internet marketing consultant, know what equates success. Don’t go by their promise to increase your followers of fans, because it means little if no one engages with your brand.
  6. Use tools like Google Analytics to provide tangible metrics on website referrals, duration or depth of visit, goals, and conversions to see if your social media activity is making a difference and providing value.
  7. Keep/use your own financials to see if social media is helping or hurting your bottom line.
  8. Don’t listen to or accept promises that seem to good to be true. They probably are much better in theory than in real life. I can increase your Facebook likes by 1,000 by giving someone on $5. This won’t mean anything unless it converts to something tangible for your brand.
  9. Don’t just focus on the short-term high of a promotion, event, or download.  I believe the B2C sector does this in many cases.  The B2C sector needs to take notice of their B2B counterparts who pay more attention to getting the audience back to their website to provide more value than just the one snippet in their status update or tweet.
  10. Social media is an upward battle that doesn’t just materialize into ultimate success overnight. An audience capable of delivering ROI will take time to build.

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