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Event Marketing Institute – 2010 Event View Study

Posted by Bill Sluben on August 19, 2011

A slowly recovering economy, lingering unemployment, changing media consumption habits and other macro-economic factors continue to pressure marketing and sales leaders to drive immediate results while also protecting and growing brand equity. In response, Web marketing and events have emerged as the two most potent weapons in the marketing arsenal in terms of accelerating customer relationships and overall ROI. These and other findings captured in EventView 2010 have tremendous implications on how event marketers engage audiences, recruit and retain talent, report to management, integrate with other internal channel owners, and manage agency partners.

Here are some of the survey’s top findings:

1. When asked to list the top three marketing elements for accelerating and deepening relationships, event marketing led at 64 percent, followed by social marketing at 55 percent and Web marketing at 54 percent.

2. Respondents report that of all marketing elements, they see the greatest ROI from Web marketing (40%), with event marketing coming in second at 22 percent.

3. The percentage of marketers who rank the future importance of events as increasing rose this year, from 29 percent to 36 percent.

4. 34 percent of respondents plan to move to an experience-driven portfolio within the next three to 12 months, while 31 percent say they have already done so.

5. A third (30%) of respondents said they saw the highest ROI from conferences and seminars, followed by trade shows at 24%.

6. When asked about their primary marketing concerns, reaching new customers (25%) was at the top of the list, followed by tracking ROI (15%) and growing market share (14%).


From the Event Marketing Institute


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