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Loyalty exists

Posted by Bill Sluben on September 7, 2010

One only needs to spend a few days at the recently completed Dragon*Con to truly appreciate the passion and loyalty that the fans and attendees alike have for this unique event.  Some 35,000 people shoehorned into five host hotels in downtown Atlanta for the annual four day event.  And what an event it was! 

Every genre, every generation and every imagination was represented.  Fans and folks who have been to all 24 Dragoncon’s and their fellow attendees who are years away from 24 birthdays came together to celebrate sci fi, anime, comics, etc…

In speaking with attendees we heard a echoed passion for the event.  Nearly 70% were from out of town and make it an annual pilgrimage to downtown Atlanta every Labor Day (what other event can deliver in downtown Atlanta in the heat of the summer during a severe recession?)

Called freaks by some, geeks by others Dragon*Con attendees know how to party, are comfortable in their own skin (or as Darth Vader/Superman/etc…) and deliver an economic wallop to the sponsors who support and the city that hosts.

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I SPY…Dragon*Con!

Posted by Bill Sluben on August 30, 2010

Dragon*Con returns this weekend in downtown Atlanta.  This year five host hotels are providing the venue and entertainment to an estimated 30,000 attendees and fans of the event.

XFINITY will be on-site on Friday, Saturday and Sunday offering fans/attendees of Dragon*Con the chance to win great prizes from the SyFy channel, HBO True Blood and XFINITY.  All for playing I SPY…

I Spy, the game that you played as a kid with a novel twist, will offer 23 chances for prizes (prizes awarded every hour, on the hour).  Here’s how it works:

– XFINITY I Spy will offer exciting prizes and premiums to DragonCon attendees for simply doing what they love to do best:  take photos of the most unique and creative costumer characters
– XFINITY event team will roam the DragonCon events and common areas looking for specific characters
– XFINITY event team will upload the images to the Comcast Get Local FB site and the laptop stations at the XFINITY display
– XFINITY event team will encourage attendees to come over to the display, checkin with us and see who the current character is to seek, find and capture with camera
– Once attendees find the costumed character, they will come back to the Comcast display and upload their photos to the FB site (add comments, tweet about it,etc…
– Attendees will need to “like” “follow” or “checkin” on  FB, Twitter and FourSquare to be eligible to receive prizes (base requirement)
– XFINITY event team will monitor the social media channels to verify photo uploads, status (whether they added Comcast)
– A tiered prize awarding process will be followed – if you upload photos of the unique costumed characters that we are seeking, AND you like, follow, checkin, etc… you will receive the most sought after prize (like SyFy prize packs valued at $200 and Comcast XFINITY prizes).  If you just bring us the photo on your i-phone and only checkin on 4square, you receive the lowest tier prize…and then there can be basic premiums for all.
So come down and witness the spectacle that is Dragon*Con and walk away with some really cool prizes.

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