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Posts Tagged ‘economic recovery’

Household income soars

Posted by Bill Sluben on September 17, 2009

Are you feeling a little richer these days?   The noose of the past year that has been around your neck (and wallet) starting to loosen?  Well, apparently it is because we all have alot more wealth these days.

According to a report by Bob Willis today in Bloomberg, the household net worth in the United States increased by $2 trillion in the second quarter.  $2 trillion!  That’s a huge increase in the face of continued decline in employment, a deterioration of housing values, and the continued malaise of the recession.  So to what do we owe this huge appreciation in wealth to?

Looked at your investment account lately?  The Dow Jones Industrial Average is flirting with 10,000 again.  The Standard and Poor’s 500 Index, which showed the biggest quarterly gain since 1998 in the second quarter, has continued to climb since June 30. The gauge closed down 0.3 percent at 1,065.49 today in New York, retreating for just the second time in 10 days.

We are on the road to recovery.  It may be a rocky one but we are back on track and making our way out of the forest.

A positive behavior that has emerged from the downturn is that consumers have less debt and more tucked away in savings…which will make our recovery a sharp one as more consumers are able to spend and assume debt again (hopefully at much lower levels than before).

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Recession has been good for one thing: decreased traffic

Posted by Bill Sluben on September 1, 2009

Not a car in sight...

Not a car in sight...

Have you noticed that the traffic jams seem a little easier to bear, that the number of vehicles on the road seems a little lighter these days and that there is a little more room to make that 4-lane swerve to get off the exit you just passed (no one does that right?).

It’s not your imagination.  In a report by INRIX, a leading provider of traffic and navigation services in the United States, gridlock in the U.S. reached it’s low point in the second quarter of 2009…but has begun to rise due to the (slight) economic recovery.  “Traffic congestion across the country is rising due to signs of economic recovery, initial rollouts of highway construction projects funded by federal stimulus packages, and lower fuel prices. In fact, 64 of the top 100 most populated cities in the U.S. experienced increases in traffic congestion levels in early 2009.”

Kinda liked having the top end perimeter here in Atlanta all to myself the past 8 months…

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