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What to tell Fritz?

Posted by Bill Sluben on July 20, 2009

GM has turned Fritzie loose!  Fritz Hernderson is in the chat room answering questions about GM and it’s future.  I like it.  The old regime at GM seemed invisible and untouchable.  Not this guy.  He is putting himself out there purposely to take some of the heat, engage and connect with consumers and maybe even restore some of the damaged reputation of GM along the way.

If I had to tell Fritz something, I’d probably instruct him to try to find a way, anyway at all, to offload the government as quickly as possible.  The government is looking for GM to spend countless millions of dollars more to produce vehicles that will match the new CAFE limits that are to be fully phased in by 2016.  However, it is clear that Americans are not interested in buying and driving shoebox 4 cylinder vehicles that are deathtraps at any speed collision.  Build the vehicles that Americans want.  You’ve got the opportunity now with the debt reduction.  Go make it happen!

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